Miss Eurobar Event Industry Fitness Blog #4

Miss Eurobar Event Fitness Blog #4

In my last Blog, I talked about a quick and easy workout to try to add to your daily attempt to work out. 

For this Blog I will give some tips on eating choices.

Note the word “choices”…

Motivation Kick in the Butt #1:  You are what you eat.

Motivation Rebuttal #1:  But you can still eat!

What am I a saying here, you ask? 

In the fitness and nutrition world, you definitely are what you eat.  What you put in your body counts.  It really is about calories in and calories out per day.  How much you consume to how much you burn is a big deciding factor in your weight management.

Yeah – THANKS for saying that, huh?  We live and work in a world where there is a LOT of high calorie yummy food available for us to stick in our mouths all day long! Besides, we are busy, right?  Many times there just isn’t time to eat healthy!

Temptation is a nasty thing – it strikes all of us, most particularly when facing something delicious (made worse by a hungry and empty stomach and tired body).

So – to continue the answer to the question from an industry acquaintance from my last Blog:  What do I eat?

First, let me tell you that I am not a skinny-minny.  Not at all.  I don’t have a flat tummy (never have) nor will I deny myself food and drink to have a skinny, flat stomach that was never part of my genetic makeup.  I eat, I drink wine, I snack….sometimes bad snacks….and I can eat too much at one sitting.  Hey, I’m a normal person that works and that likes to have time to do what I want to do too – and sometimes you can’t be perfect  and eat perfect.

I occasionally fall into the DESSERT training effect (remember my term from Blog#2? “Double-Edge Sword Spiral Effect Result Training”) and beat myself up - - but then I realize I just have to move beyond it.  After all, “Tomorrow is another day!” (my favorite Scarlet O’hara saying from GWTW).  So pick yourself up if you’ve not been “perfect” and try again the next day. 

You see, the key term here is TRY. 

Yeah, so I ate the pecan pie tart – what of it?

Just don’t eat another one!  It is okay to give into the temptation – but it is NOT okay to pig out.  It is a proven fact in fitness industry publications (and even recently articled in some of the mainstream fitness mags such as Health, SELF, etc.) that you should give into temptation and not deny yourself that chocolate chip cookie.  BUT the trick is to savor it and eat just one!  (Not the whole bag).  Then you’ve got the senses going – the smell of this tempting thing, the way it hits your taste buds when you take a bite, the sensation of the flavor of it …. Enjoy it!  Just don’t start slamming this temptation into your mouth multiple times and getting all crazy on it.

Okay – back to the comment of “You are what you eat!” ….

You are – no doubt about it.  You know it – you know what you are eating and how it makes you feel and if it adds some flab on the tummy and tush…. You know it.  So don’t lie to yourself about it – just try to take a step back for a moment and think about it.  If you still can’t convince yourself to NOT eat it – then by all means - - Go for it.

And then TRY to do your “workout” routine – whether that is a walk around the block or down the office building stairs or to the spinning class at the gym or the 10 minute a.m. workout - - just make an attempt to balance the “calories in” to the “calories out”.

The same applies for missing a work out day.  I didn’t do my morning workout routine today.  I slept in because I obviously needed the sleep and then I took my dog for a walk at our favorite off-leash dog park for an hour because he needed the workout more than I did – then I had a morning meeting I needed to get to.  BUT I had plans to clean the house and do some yard work since I was not doing a full day in the office… so I knew I was moving my body today, just not in the sense of a full-blown “workout”.  Yeah – I did have a couple beat-myself-up thoughts, but, hey! …I had errands and house cleaning and yard work to do and I was moving.  Good enough for today.  Tomorrow morning I will resume my a.m. workout.

So – back to the question of what do I eat?

In my next Blog you’ll get a day in my life (well, on what I eat anyway).

Stay Tuned!