Miss Eurobar Event Fitness Blog #3

I had an industry acquaintance contact me and ask me about how I workout and what I eat and to expand upon my comments in regards to people’s bodies “fitting” them.  So, after thanking them for actually reading my blog, I figured this was a great subject for blog #3.

First for this blog – my workouts.  I try to work out every day.  Now, do I do so - - every day??


BUT I TRY TO…and this is the first step to adding a fitness routine to your busy schedule.

In my brain pretty much each morning is one thought:  Get moving for 10 minutes.  Now, I am a personal trainer and have worked out fairly consistently for the last 20 years, so my 10 minutes of working out is after I do 5-8 minutes of yoga sun salutations (my go-to warm up). 

Note: Sometimes, this yoga routine is what I only have the effort and energy for in the morning and I will expand it to 10 minutes.

Then my 10 minutes is something what is called High Intensity Training in the fitness world.  Explosive movements for 30-45 seconds followed by 20-30 seconds of rest. 

Not for the faint of heart.

And I mean this literally!  NOTE:  Before you start any workout routine that is new for you and out of your comfort zone or if you have not worked out before, I highly suggest you get a nice check up with your Doc, Okie Dokie?!!  Just Sahying….I’m seen a few people get flung off the treadmill after passing out in my gym personal training career (ummm – NOT any of my clients, mind you!)

And to be honest with you – many times this 10 minutes expands to15-25 minutes, depending on how much time I have and what my internal system is yelling at me in the morning.  I’m also a big fan of the TRX Workout (http://www.trxtraining.com) a suspension workout created by former SEALs – but that is for another blog J

HOLD IT!  Wait….. You are saying that there is NO WAY you know how to do this “high intensity” thing - - like really - - what do I mean?

Simple Routine for the new at this:

~March in place (and I mean pump the arms and March!) 30 seconds

~Rest 15-20 seconds

~Jumping Jacks 20 seconds (take it easy – go slow to start)

~Rest 30 seconds

~Sit ups x 30 seconds (suggest bicycle sit ups as they are effective and easy – can Google how to or email me at mdteurobar@gmail.com  if you are not sure)

~Rest 20 seconds

Repeat for 10 minutes

Moderate Routine:

~Jumping Jacks 20-30 seconds

~Rest 20-30 seconds

~Push ups 20 seconds

~Rest 20 seconds

~Lunge Kicks – 20-30 seconds (can Google how to do or email me)

~Bicycle Abs or ball sit ups (if you have an exercise ball) for 30-45 seconds

~Rest 20 seconds

~Squat jumps 20-30 seconds (can Google how to do or email me)

Repeat 10 minutes

SO…. Did I use weights?  Nope.

Did I use a gym?  Nope!

Did I have an excuse to not spend 10 minutes working out?  NOPE!

For us event folks that travel – you can do this in your hotel room before you head out for the day.  It actually is a great bump start to a long day – gets you energized and motivated to deal with what comes your way when planning or providing services for an event.

No excuses.  Really!!!

If you try – just try – to spend 10 minutes a day “working out” – you’d be surprised at the results.

Totally new to thiswalk it out, baby!  (And I mean literally – walk 10 minutes without stopping a day, till you can do it easily and longer and then try the Simple Routine above!)

The Side Bar:  Quick Eating Tip:  Try to cut out just one thing that you know you are eating each day that you should not be.

Uh-Huh - - you know what I mean.  That cookie you slip into your hand before it heads out to the buffet station….that piece of candy from your office mate’s desk jar….that can of soda to pick you up for the afternoon (try iced tea or a fresh carrot and veggie juice instead).

Just try it – I know you can do it!