Miss Eurobar Event Fitness Blog #2

Miss Eurobar Event Fitness Blog 07/01/13

Preview note:  Remember my DESSERT term from my first fitness blog (the “Double-Edge Sword Spiral Effect Result Training” effect?) - - well, let me tell you - I just came from a conference and I didn't work out daily nor did I eat as healthy as I would normally do.  There were some amazing desserts, and I ate them! Yup - I was tempted and I ate more than one of them.  And guess what?  I was not going to allow a couple bad days of eating depress me and spiral me down to the feelings of guilt that generally are associated with poor eating and not saying "no" to the cake.    I even took an extra day off after I got back then started back up on my routine and didn't beat myself up about it.  My body fits me, and I am not a skinny girl and never will be - so I'm not going to give up eating a cookie (or two) to try to fit a body size that isn't me.

Blog #2   I just worked a 12+ hour day and you expect me to work out????

 Simple answer = Yes!

Complex answer = No!  Not on the day you just worked for so many hours! 

We all work, we all have commitments, we all have spouses/partners/kids/parents/friends/pets that demand our attention when we are not working. 

So when do you get time to work out?

{Yeah – than when do I have time for me? - - More on that in a moment} 

Here is one of my little secrets:

Try to work out every single day first thing when you get up in the morning (or depending on your work schedule - in the evening – but not at night… {more on that in a future blog}) 

Yeah – right…I like to sleep as long as I can….THANKS! 

Can you give me 10 minutes?  Impossible you say?  

Motivation kick in the butt #1:  You are totally lying to yourself if you don’t have 10 minutes to work out a day. 

Motivational rebuttal #1:  You don’t have to do it every day! But the key is to try to every day. 

I am going to take a minute to give you some background information on me:  On the personal training - - I’ve been doing this for a decade+  There has been a lot of changes in the fitness industry and I follow them on all the insider, in-depth fitness study publications and websites.  (BTW- not a thing you want to read to wake up or anything! Kinesiology and physiology are pretty scary detailed stuff!)

 One study that is bull-dozing the fitness industry is being a quick, kick-butt workout to jump-start your day. 

 All right BEFORE we go down this path - - if you don’t work out much (or at all), you need to start somewhere and I just scared you, didn’t I?  

I will answer that by going back to the “Get out and smell the roses” comment in my first blog.  Take a walk – try to walk as briskly as you can for 15 minutes each day.  Take the stairs.  IF you do this as often as you can – you will be amazed in a month where you will be going. 

So, the workout I’m going to start talking about in my next blog begins when you feel strong enough to devote the 10 minutes for the fast and furious workout.

And back to "Is there time for me?" Yes.  There is always time for you - the key is making your workout time part of that "Me" time. 

Heard on event site:  “So, you actually need power?” Said to the espresso bar company and the photo booth vendor. {Umm- Sorry today we forgot to bring our gerbils and their spinning wheel}