Miss Eurobar Event Fitness Blog

First MissEurobar Event Industry Fitness Blog: 05/11/13

My goal is to have a fun, short blog with meeting, catering and event industry stay-fit tips (and fun from event site quotes and quips) but first there has to be the introduction to why I would want to write this:

We have one body that we are born with to take care of and preserve over our lifetime.  But wait, hold on, then there is the meeting, catering and events industry.  Whoa!! Back up…we not only need major clones of ourselves to make our bosses and clients happy - - but saying “take care of our body and health” in this demanding work environment with very (and I mean very) long work days, ridiculous schedules, backbreaking work and even more demanding clients (and bosses)…  Did I mention temptation?  Yup.  Lots of that!  All the awesome events and stunning décor set off by beautiful (and delicious) catering food and tempting cocktails, wine and beer…and…and…and…Hmmm…. mocha gelato dipped in pistachio flakes served in a mini cone with a side of vanilla soaked pound cake with chocolate shavings and hot rum milk?  The devil sitting on your left shoulder generally wins.  Yeah – absolutely NO temptation there!  (Okay, for you non-sweet weirdoes, prime rib sliders dipped in au jus topped with grilled sweet onions with a side of Texas-style BBQ sauce and Southern coleslaw OR you no-meat eaters, curried tofu with rice noodles and sautéed mixed veges topped with five-spice sauce served in mini-Asian take-out boxes with chop sticks?)  Nope.  Not tempted at all.  Not after getting up at 4 a.m. to be on event site at 5:30 a.m. to make sure registration/vendor set up/AV/lighting/booths/catering/etc. is ready for the client arrival at 8:30 a.m.  This is just the start of the day that may possibly end at 8:30 p.m. (more than likely around Midnight).  I’m not hungry – not at all.  Or thirsty for that matter – I was good and brought my protein bar and 16 ounce bottle of water with me for the day because it fit in my big purse.  How far did that get me?  I’m not telling!  I didn’t notice (or sample) any of the food and beverage that was displayed and offered.  Promise!

We see all the beautiful and fit people in magazines, in movies and on TV and we try our best to look like them.  We tear out the magazine pages or use our smart phone or tablet app and try to incorporate the workouts/diets/reduced calorie dessert recipes/juicing fasts/flat ab day meal plan….into our daily regime.

I think I mentioned above that we only have one body? Yes, true – but we only have one mind, one psyche, too.  If we try to look like something we are not  – then when we don’t succeed, that screws up our mind – because we are supposed to look like that woman/man on the cover of that popular fitness magazine…uh…Right?!?!?!

Here we go – start of what I call the “Double-Edge Sword Spiral Effect Result Training”  (DESSERT for short) or you can also call it a self-defeating prophesy…up to you.  Let me tell you a little secret…you are YOU and YOUR body belongs to YOU and you may not have a body type that can fit in that size 2 dress or for you guys, the size 30 waist pants – NO MATTER HEATHLY YOU EAT, HOW LITTLE YOU EAT, HOW RESTRICTIVE YOU EAT, HOW MUCH YOU EXERCISE…  Your body will fit YOU. 

We’ve all done it.  Lose weight and get fit with diet and exercise.  Got that flat tummy and hip bones or six-pack gently showing.   How long did that last?  (If it did last – my kudos to you and you can get off my blog … just teasing, sort of.)  We are real people, with real jobs, real spouses or partners, with real kids, real parents, real families and real worries.

Note before I go further:  Let me tell you that I definitely think that you should eat heathy, organic or locally grown and sustainable and with some restrictions.  You should also exercise daily, if possible, or at least 3-5 times a week. 

Second note before I go further: In regards to exercise: I don’t mean an hour of plugging along on the treadmill or boring workout class or video – I mean even simply getting out and walking and getting fresh air.  If you want to do more – then more power to you.  But get out of your desk chair and get outside for a walk for 20 -30 minutes if that is all you are able to do, and try to do it every day.  Just saying - Go smell the roses.

Okay. Climb off my soapbox  - - this is an event industry blog.  We all just don’t have time for that, right? 


Time is a thief, for sure.  I have seen almost 46 years in this body and I hardly feel older than I was in my 20’s (ummm- would have to have a separate blog to delve into that statement) BUT I am a firm believer that you can work hard, have fun, eat bad (sometimes), drink alcohol (to moderation), have a belly and that dreaded “muffin-top”  and even moobs and still be “Healthy”.

Impossible you say?  I say NOT!  And if you continue to read my blog I am going to give you tips each week on having the body that was meant for you and finding time in this busy world of the meetings and events industry!

Stay Tuned!!!  …….